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Blackened Sabbath-

The Darkness of Black Sabbath

Under the Microscope of

God's Light

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Black Sabbath, grandfathers of heavy metal music sprung on the scene in the early 1970's with an eerie sound and message.  The question rises- what does Black Sabbath believe regarding its dark lyrical content?  Doug West explores this question interacting with band member interviews and media.

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“When I started writing Sabbath stuff it was just something that sounded right. I didn't think I was going to make it Devil music.”

 -Tony Iommi 

Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, in my opinion. Eddie Trunk -Brainy

From the opening riffs of the song “Black Sabbath” through most of their classic albums, the music can sound downright evil. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the secret to this sound is something known as the Devil’s Interval or diabolus in musica. The sound is so ominous that this interval was supposedly banned by clerics in the Middle Ages for fear that it would raise the devil himself. Still, what actually makes this musical interval sound evil? The diabolus in musica is also known as a tritone (or diminished fifth). Spanning three tones, the interval violates a musical convention and sounds dissonant, producing an unsettling feeling in the listener.

-Psychology Today


**NOTE- Screenplays are available to Producers and Production Companies upon  legal Shopping  Agreement.

"The Soul Collector"

An unbeatable hitman meets an unavoidable reality.

"Two Steps Behind"

A head bouncer flees an outlaw biker gang right into the light of Christ in a small church, and challenges their shade of Christianity.)

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