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Ever feel like you needed the bottom line on Christian Issues?   Look no further!  The In A Nutshell Booklet Series, provides a down to Earth approach to topics ranging from Faith to Fear, and Judging.

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Agnostic Faith- Faith That Never Matures, addresses the subject of faith, errors in faith, and how our relation to it (and God) needs to be.

  • Short Chapters

  • Chapter Questions (great for small groups)


The 1960's...

were Pivotal to the change of the place and importance of the Church in American culture.

In Pivotal, Doug West places the underlying issues that erupted in cultural revolution in the decade of the 1960's that shattered the Church in America forever.  

Topics covered:

  • The impact of technology: the automobile and Television

  • Various issues that came to a head including: racism, war, music, etc.

  • The American church before and after the 60's

  • An Appendix on Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, a dark shadow of the 60's 

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